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Unveiling Creativity: An Insight into the Artistic Odyssey of Paul Browne

Join us as we delve into the creative universe of Paul Browne, a masterful artist whose journey is as captivating as his artwork. In this interview, Paul shares anecdotes, reflections, and musings gathered over years of dedicated craftsmanship.

Actylic on board - houses in front of a blue sky

How did your artistic journey begin?

Before the internet, I used to roam book shops. I studied all the masters, I read Van Gogh's letters to his brother. I went to exhibitions, museums galleries etc .. I was like a dog in the park seeking art that would wow me. I had kids in my early 20's and so that anchored me to the easel most nights of the week, while I tried to earn a living during the day and work on a dream in the evening. Fortunately for me, it turned out well (eventually).

How long have you been creating?

Since I could hold a pencil and crayon.

Did you pursue any specific courses or qualifications?

No, but my GCSE art grade was a humble D.

What has your creative journey been like so far?

Like climbing a mountain range—each peak reveals another challenge, another horizon to conquer.

A sunset landscape painting

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everyday micro-adventures with my spaniels, pub conversations, Radio 4, or simply cruising along in my car or on my bike.

What's your preferred medium?

Acrylic with textured masonry paint and metallic wax.

What's your favourite subject to represent?

The female form, northern architecture, and British coastal scenes—places where adventure beckons.

Where do you work?

In my mind and in my home studio—a lifelong dream realized.

Have there been any significant turning points in your career?

Selling my first oil painting in 1999 was a watershed moment. Later, immersing myself in the northern art scene and embracing art fairs propelled my journey forward.

Any highlights or disasters?

Highlights include receiving admiration from Jeff Bridges and transforming a disastrous art fair experience into a maritime-inspired series. Perspective taught me lessons and opened unexpected doors.

Do you listen to anything while you work?

Radio 4 by day, Radio 5 Live on Fridays, and Cerys on Radio 6 on Sundays. Music is reserved for leisurely moments.

When do you prefer to work?

Mornings, ideally, but I seize creative bursts whenever they arise.

Do you have a daily routine?

Tennis, dog walks, banter with my wife, painting, and perpetual mental painting—life's a whirlwind of activity.

What would your ideal creative day be?

An hour on the easel, coffee, tennis, gym, dog cuddles, and art review—a perfect blend of passion and pleasure.

What's in your mug when you're working?

Coffee or herbal tea, though water is the day's constant companion.

Do you have a favourite snack?

Coffee and chocolate, the perfect pairing, or Turkish delight—an oasis of eastern promise.

a painting of a woman reading in a bed with a spaniel

Step into the realm of Paul Browne's imagination, where every stroke of the brush unveils a world of wonder and possibility. Explore his artistic wonders on his website and social media channels, and embark on a journey of inspiration and creativity.

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