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Discovering Creativity: A conversation with Alice Savery

An illustration of bramb;es by Alice Savery

Join us as we go on a journey through the creative works of Alice Savery, the artist behind Alice Draws the Line.

In this illuminating interview, Alice unveils the origins of her artistic endeavours, her sources of inspiration, and the joys and challenges of her craft.

How did your artistic journey begin?

After choosing teaching as my career, I yearned for art. A New Year's resolution to draw daily sparked a hobby, which blossomed into Alice Draws The Line when my hours were reduced at work.

How long have you been creating?

I've always loved drawing, but Alice Draws the Line began in 2016.

Did you pursue any specific courses or qualifications?

I studied Art at GCSE and A-Level, followed by an Art Foundation course. Later, I pursued a diploma in Illustrating Children's books while working full-time. I also enjoy short courses, including printmaking.

A watercolour illustration of damsons in a tree on white paper, set on a dark wooden background
What has your creative journey been like so far?

Undulating! It began alongside my full-time and then part-time job, before flourishing when I became redundant. Initially, I focused on selling online, particularly cards and products. Now, I'm relishing the opportunity to develop my original artwork and sell directly to customers in person.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Initially, woodlands were my main inspiration, stemming from my previous role as a Forest School leader. Now, I find gardens and flowers incredibly inspiring.

What's your preferred medium?

I typically work with ink, pen, and watercolour, but I love experimenting with different mediums. Trying a new pen is always exciting!

What's your favourite subject to represent?

Currently, flowers are my favourite subject.

Where do you work?

I enjoy working at home, in my studio in Brampton Bryan, or on location—depending on the weather, light, and size of the piece.

Have there been any significant turning points in your work or career?

Taking A1 watercolour paper into a garden was transformative. It encouraged me to break away from my smaller sketchbooks and embrace larger works, which I now love.

Alice sits in the garden in front of a border full of flowers. She has a large watercolour sketchbook and a selectin of paints. Alice is wearing a striped tshirt and has her hair up in a bun.

Any highlights or disasters?

Selling my first large painting was a highlight. As for disasters, they're part of the journey—some drawings stay in the sketchbook or remain unframed.

Do you listen to anything while you work?

Always - mainly audiobooks or podcasts, with occasional music playlists or radio.

When do you prefer to work?

It varies, often depending on the weather and light. I tend to tackle admin and computer work in the morning, leaving painting for after lunch, but every day is different.

Do you have a daily routine?

I start with tea and making a list, but otherwise, my days vary greatly. I run workshops, spend time in the Artists Gallery, handle admin tasks, or focus on painting, depending on the day.

What would your ideal creative day be?

Starting with tea and writing outside, followed by time in the garden, drawing while listening to an audiobook, a walk with a camera and sketchbook, and wrapping up with emails, admin, and more painting. It sounds idyllic - I must strive to make it a reality!

What's in your mug when you're working?

Tea - I enjoy different types at different times of the day.

Do you have a favourite snack?

Mini eggs.

Where can we find more of your work?

You can see more on my website and social media channels:


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