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Discover the Ceramic Artistry of Christine Gittins

Join us as we delve into Christine’s artistic story, exploring the brilliance and fulfillment that art brings into her life.

Actylic on board - houses in front of a blue sky

How long have you been creating?

I have been a potter for more than forty years. Initially in the country of my birth, South Africa, and for the past thirty years in South Wales. Both countries and the vast differences in the landscapes are a constant source of inspiration.

What has your creative journey been like so far?

I live in the beautiful town of Llantwit Major on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. I used to have a large workspace in an Art Centre but now have scaled down my practice and work from a garden studio. Despite the constraints of a smaller space, I still regularly participate in ceramic events countrywide and also in South Africa. I am a selected member of the British Craft Potters Association and also a member of South Wales Potters and a local craft group, The Vale Makers.

A sunset landscape painting

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Both South Africa and South Wales, with their vastly different landscapes, are constant sources of inspiration. The forms I create are based on classical shapes from earlier cultures, inspired by vessels from Japan, China, and Korea, as well as traditional, functional pots from Africa.

What's your preferred medium?

Most of my work is thrown on the potter's wheel. My main interest is form rather than function. I am fascinated by the effects of flames on the smooth surfaces of my carefully burnished pots.

What's your favourite subject to represent?

I am inspired by the natural world and the human interaction with the planet, natural history, and evolution. This inspiration is reflected in my recent work with textured pieces and tile panels.

Where do you work?

I now work from my garden studio in Llantwit Major.

Have there been any significant turning points in your career?

The move from a large workspace to a garden studio was significant, as was the introduction of texture to my work. This led to the creation of small tiles that I assemble into tile panels, which have become an important part of my current work.

Any highlights or disasters?

Participating in ceramic events in both the UK and South Africa has been a highlight. The element of surprise in the creation of texture and the random effects of the firings keeps the process exciting. Disasters, such as pieces not turning out as planned, are part of the learning and creative process.

What would your ideal creative day be?

The element of surprise in the creation of texture or the random effects of the firings is what makes me want to get back to creating with clay time after time. The perfect piece is always just a kiln firing away!

a painting of a woman reading in a bed with a spaniel

Where can we find more of your work?

You can see more on my website and social media channels:

As we wrap up our journey through Christine's artistic world, it's clear that her passion for art is matched only by her love for the community it creates. Through countless exhibitions and shows, Christine has not only shared her creative vision but also forged meaningful connections with people who appreciate and inspire her work. Her story is a testament to the power of art to energize, uplift, and bring people together. We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Christine's vibrant world and feel inspired by her dedication and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more insights and stories from our visiting artists.


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