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Capturing the World: A view through Lindsey Bucknor’s lens

Welcome to our latest blog feature, where we delve into the artistic journey of Lindsey Bucknor, the visionary behind Lindseybimages. Lindsey has crafted a niche in the photography world with a passion that shines through every captured moment.

Lindsey Bucknor takes a photograph of a mooring point on a harbour wall

How did your journey into photography begin?

I started out as a watercolour painter. Initially, I took photographs to help finish my paintings at home. Over time, my interest shifted to taking better photographs, and as my skills improved, I found I enjoyed it more and more.

When did you decide to pursue photography full-time?

The big decision was to go full-time in January 2015, and I haven’t looked back since.

Have you taken any courses or earned any qualifications to enhance your skills?

Yes, I’ve attended some workshops and online courses. These experiences led to my membership in the Societies of Photographers, a worldwide group that emphasises continuous development. After all, you’re only as good as your last photograph.

How would you describe your creative journey so far?

It has been fun, challenging, and exciting. Photography has enabled me to travel, and I enjoy taking my own images as much as teaching photography to others. Whether working with beginners, intermediate photographers, or experienced photographers seeking new challenges or places to visit, each day brings something new.

A photograph of colourful heather, golden light comes through the clouds

Where do you draw inspiration for your photography from?

Shropshire is a stunning county with many opportunities, whether landscape, street, people, or architectural photography. My kingfisher workshops are also an excellent opportunity to observe and capture images of nature's best.

What is your favourite medium for showcasing your work?

I love both colour and monochrome equally. My favourite way to present images is on gallery-quality acrylic, a contemporary way to display my work.

Do you have a favourite subject to photograph?

I genuinely don’t have one favourite. As long as I’m outdoors with my camera, having fun in nature, that’s what I enjoy.

Which locations feature prominently in your work?

Shropshire features highly in my work, as do Africa, Cornwall, and Scotland.

Have there been any significant turning points in your career?

I have been successful in a few competitions, but it’s the feedback from customers that I value most, especially those who come back again and again to purchase new works.

Can you share some highlights or memorable moments from your career?

Several moments stand out. Having my work selected at my local hospital to provide calming nature images and a commission from a youth mental health charity, where the users selected the images they felt would help them and others at times of stress, were significant. Being introduced to HRH Queen Camilla and talking about my work was a proud and surreal moment earlier this year.

Lindsey Bucknor stands talking to HRH Queen Camilla

Do you listen to anything while you work?

I enjoy the sounds of nature while I work.

When do you find it best to work, and do you have a preferred time of day?

Early mornings and evenings offer the best light, though I’m not one for too many 3am starts.

Do you have a daily routine?

No, it depends on the subject I’m working on.

What would your ideal creative day be?

Having a student go home with a beaming smile and photographs they are proud of would make for an ideal creative day.

What’s your go-to beverage while working?


Do you have a favourite snack?

I have always been a chocoholic, and Kit Kats feature strongly in my goodie bag.

A photograph of a ruined castle on a grassy hill with a background of sunset coloured sky

Lindsey’s journey from watercolour painter to full-time photographer is a testament to his passion and dedication to capturing the world’s beauty. His story reminds us of the importance of following our creative instincts and the joy that can come from exploring new avenues of expression. Whether through his stunning landscapes of Shropshire, his travels to Africa, or his engaging workshops, Lindsey continues to inspire and educate others with his unique perspective.

Thank you for joining us in this journey through the lens of Lindsey Bucknor. Be sure to follow his work and stay inspired by the beautiful moments he captures.

You can find more of Lindseys work online on his website, Facebook and Instagram pages.


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