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Exploring Artistry: A Conversation with David Cope

Updated: Jun 21

Embark on a journey through the creative universe of David Cope, where art serves as both passion and release. In this discussion, David shares insights into his artistic evolution, inspirations, and the joys and challenges of his craft.

How did you start?

I always dabbled in art-related drawings and paintings, but my artistic journey truly began to flourish after an illness in 2011.

How long have you been creating?

Around13 years.

Did you pursue any specific courses or qualifications?

Just A Level Art.

What has your creative journey been like so far?

Very interesting, as I am predominantly self-taught. It's been about picking up ideas from various sources to improve my skill level.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Mainly from life and photographs I usually take of my wildlife subjects.

What's your preferred medium?

I guess Acrylic, as I'm a bit impatient.

What's your favourite subject to represent?


Where do you work?

At home, in our third bedroom converted to a studio.

Have there been any significant turning points in your career?

I think being accepted to exhibit in Park Gallery, Cheltenham, which broadened my audience reach.

Any highlights or disasters?

Highlights include selling work to America, Sweden, and in my early days, to Germany. Disasters are aplenty, as not every painting goes according to plan, and canvases are sometimes ruined. However, you learn to improve.

Do you listen to anything while you work?

Music from either Spotify or CDs.

When do you prefer to work?

In the daytime mainly, although if a painting is going well, I just carry on and lose all track of time.

Do you have a daily routine?

No, not really. I have to paint with no pressure from anything else and when I feel ready.

What would your ideal creative day be?

Coffee, paint, breaks, more tea, then paint again.

Do you have a favourite snack?

I love malt loaf, although I can't paint and eat.

As we wrap up our journey into David Cope's creative world, it's clear that art means more to him than just painting. Through his art, David has found joy and a way to connect with others. He shares that creating art is energizing and he's enjoyed it a lot.

He also mentions that participating in shows and exhibitions has been fantastic because it's given him the chance to meet many people. These experiences have added depth and richness to his artistic journey. As David continues to paint, his story shows us how art can bring people together and bring happiness to life.

You can find more of Davids work online on his website, Facebook and Instagram pages.


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